Logistics and Warehousing Management


One of Sylog’s verticals is the handling of Logistics and Warehousing Management for FMCG’s and Domestic players.

Sylog has the expertise in market knowledge and product knowledge for FMCG / FMCD / perishable / fragile and high value goods. We have a vast knowledge on distribution and networking incorporating the latest trends in the market.

We have a contemporary warehouse management with a focus on space management which is today the key factor for cost, supported by a robust HR management which is stringent in selecting the right person for the right job.  Emphasis is also on the adherence to all statutory compliances.

We do have tailor made SOP’s to suit varied customer requirements with a rigorous review mechanism, supported by CFA score cards for improvements and regular audits to create value and reduce redundancy.

Our Prime Focus Areas Are:

  • Factory logistics (from receipt of finished goods with in factory to dispatch till the end user)
  • Packing of goods.
  • Cost Effective transportation.

Cost saving at every stage is our key indicator through:

  • Understanding various costing – and defining them as clearly avoidable or unavoidable cost and work.
  • Thrashing unavoidable cost will lead to an overall saving the manufacturer and most of the cost is identifiable only on experts experienced search.
  • For instance inventory saving cost / shelf space calculations etc is generally overlooked and Sylog is very careful to capture and show the same to manufacturer.

Our Reinforcement Areas Are:


Our overall objective is to design an optimal outbound logistics solution for valued clients which leads to

  • improved service levels (availability, delivery service, etc.,) to customers resulting in ultimate customer satisfaction and increased sales.
  • Reduction of Overall Inventory (FG) as well as WIP.

Ultimately achieving enhanced customer satisfaction and increased sales through improved service levels at reduced inventory.

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