Facility Management


Facility management

Sylog has three more verticals, the prime one being Facility management services, while the others are sales and distribution and educational activities

We do not claim to be Experts; because while expert knowledge is useful, it has a shorter shelf life. And we go by the permanent solution which is the ability to understand a new situation and respond appropriately, using both learning from the past and also a fresh appreciation of the current situation. Each member of our group from top to bottom has cultivated the ability to learn from experiences, from critics, from competitors, from failures and from regulators. It is this quality which keeps us above others in the field of facility management.

As far as FMS is concerned, we would ideally like to overrule the old concept that it is a cost to the client but rather make it a profit centre for them by providing value added services as well as implementing revenue generation activities. Thereby the maintenance cost can come down drastically by the simple logic. (Total Fixed cost - Revenue generated by FMS activities = Maintenance cost per month)

We do not claim to have a high profile marketing team but our Philosophy is certainly to do a well done job. The way we get business is simple, Satisfy one client and he will bring in several more.

Facility Management

We are on the threshold of making a quantum leap in our facility management business module. We are adding up commercial premises and government buildings as well along with our current clientele of residential premises only.

To name a few, we are handling the ETA property - Jasmine court, (220 Apts) Golden Fortunes (145 Apts) of Golden homes in Chennai as a complete facility management package. And with Green Acres (685 Apts), Jain housing we will commence our operations shortly. We are also in negotiations with ETA property - The Garden @ Bangalore (950 Apts).

Our Mission is not only to make profits, but to prove that the purpose of life is to be happy and make others happy.

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